Learn To Drive An Automatic Car

Learning to drive and develop skills in an easier way using an automatic car. Generally, it is faster to make progress compared to learning in a manual car which has gears to change.

As a driver, with a manual car the gears and clutch are some of the things you will need to master. In an automatic car you will not have either of these things to deal with. The automatic transmission system does this for you.

Because these two main important tasks are carried out automatically, this allow you to have improved control of the steering wheel whilst allowing you to concentrate on the other important aspects of driving a car.

Without having to worry about how, when or which gears to change to, or using the clutch smoothly, instead you can focus in the safe routine required for moving off, stopping, and planning well ahead.

The automatic option is increasingly becoming a favored choice of motoring. If in the past you have found gain the gear and clutch skills a problem, this offers a good alternative way of motoring.

Automatic are also popular with older drivers, people with disabilities or people who simply want to get the driving test passed quickly for other reasons. It makes an ideal way to get or maintain their independence out and about on the roads.

Automatics vehicles have come a long way in term of better technologies and reliability. Nowadays typical modern automatic cars are often very efficient and becoming more and more affordable to maintain, especially the hybrid and electric options.

When it comes to taking an passing the driving test in an automatic car you should remember once passed you will be only licensed to drive automatics.

If you want to drive a manual car, you will need to pass a manual test. However, many people are choosing to keep things simple. Driving an automatic car is fun and more relaxing. You can get around safely and easy. Try it, we are sure you would enjoy it.

See the range of Learn In Automatic courses below :


This is a good way to cover the subjects at your own pace for particular if you are just starting out.

If you are at the more advanced learner stage of driving lessons these weekly sessions can help to brush up any skills before taking a driving test

intensive automatic driving course

It is getting more and more popular to learn over a short time and for this an intensive driving course offers a solution for this.

The time it takes to get to a standard for taking a driving test is reduced to just a matter of days to just a few weeks. There are option to take full or semi-intensive driving courses in an automatic car.

Other types of lessons

For already qualified drivers, it is always good to continue to improve and keep well updated on the Highway Code. For this, Pass Plus, motorway and refresher lessons are ways to become a better driver.

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