Automatic Driving Lessons in Pontefract

Learn In Automatic Driving School

A smooth way to pass your test with an automatic driving instructor in Pontefract

We are very focused to providing reliable and very informative training from a qualified Pontefract based automatic driving instructor. With good testing passing rates and very patient sessions, we are sure you will like learning how to drive an automatic car in a proper way which get good results with us.

We are popular with learner drivers choosing us for automatic car lessons. There are a number of reason for this.

The gears, clutch or both can be difficult to learn for some learners. An automatic takes away this problem and allows them to focus more attention to other aspects of driving.

It’s quicker to learn. Often people just want to get fully licensed in a faster and easy way. For this, automatic instruction is a very much ideal way forward.

If you have a disability of some kind, this simplified way of motoring can enable you go gain road independence. They are fun to drive with many adaptable models available should you require this.

By just taking away the tasks of having to use the gears or a clutch, you could really make accelerated and happier progress. Automatics make things such as moving off, stopping, junction, starting on hill to name a few a lot easier to deal with. In addition, people often get to a testing standards sooner. So save time and costs on the way to passing the test.

On the road you will be guided by an approved driving instructor covering the theory and practical aspects of safe motoring. They will be approved by the DVSA. All car training is totally one to one and we are happy to pick you up or drop you off at any ideal location in Pontefract.

We would really enjoy helping you along. So, to arrange a sensibly priced driving lesson with us, or if you have a query, simply contact by email or speak to us on :

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