York Automatic Driving Lessons, Courses and Instructors

Learn In Automatic Driving School

Begin to learn to drive and automatic car with Learn In Automatic Driving School York. We make a professional place with qualified instructors for taking automatic driving lessons in York, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

It’s fun, learning to drive an automatic car

These cars make things easier. When driving in an automatic vehicle, you can experience motoring in a simplified and more relaxed way. For those who are having various issues coping with the gears of a manual car, driving an automatic car could make the ideal solutions for getting around York and beyond.

A manual car has 3 pedals, the accelerator, brake and clutch. An automatic car does not have a clutch and the gear changes are controlled by the automatic transmission automatically for the driver.

As a result of this, drivers experience better control at the steering wheel in addition to being better focused on the road ahead and around the vehicle. When in comes to how many driving lessons you will need in an automatic car, it is likely to be less than you would take with a car with manual gears.

Our team of automatic driving instructors in York are qualified and DVSA approved. They have good test pass rate as a result of  their hard work, knowledge and keeping updated on industry safe requirements. They cover passing the theory and practical test as well as how to enjoy better safe automatic motoring for a lifetime.

From us, you will receive a course of driving lessons which are structured to your requirements. We understand that each learner driver is totally unique and each person require a different approach.

When you take a pass the driving test in an automatic gearbox car in York, you will just be licensed for an automatic. However, automatics and drivers of these cars are growing in popularity. Modern versions are now very reliable, fuel efficient, fun to drive and there is a wide choice to choose from.

To arrange your York automatic driving lessons, or a course, call us today on —– or simply send us a quick message via the contact page.