Choosing a good driving instructor

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Choosing a good driving instructor

With so many driving instructors around to choose from, here is a guide which may help you to find a good suitable one.

Approved instructors are on the (DVSA) Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency register and you can find a local one listed at : They are able to accept payment for providing instruction.

A (PDI) Provisional Driving Instructor, or trainee has a pink badge while an (ADI) Approved Driving Instructor who is fully qualified has a green badge. During tuition which is paid for, their badge should be clearly displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle. ADI’s have to complete series of examinations to become approved.

Different ADI’s or PDI’s have different personalities and skills. It is a good idea to choose someone who you will feel comfortable and confident learning with. By speaking with the person who will be providing the tuition in advance, you can them questions and check whether they are suitable for you.

Instructor grades

ADI’s are continually assessed and given a grade from the DVSA. This assessment is called a standards check. The grading system is as follows :

  • Grade (A) : Top graded instructor showing a high standard of instructional ability.
  • Grade (B)  : Good satisfactory standard
  • Fail : Unsatisfactory level of performance. Will need to improve significantly to stay on the ADI register.

Features, benefits & value

Learning to drive should be considered an investment into a life skill. Different driving school have different pricing structures. As well as looking at how much driving lessons cost, find out how much value you will be getting along with the features and benefits.

Low costing or heavily discounted lessons are normally so for a reason. Alongside passing the test, when it comes to driver and road safety there should be no compromise in quality.

Here are some things to consider :

  • What will you be getting for the price?
  • What features does the driving school, or instructor offer?
  • The benefits of choosing their services.
  • Does the trainer have the right skills to help you?
  • Does your ADI have enough space in their schedule to fit you in on a regular basis. Good ADI’s are usually busy and in demand.
  • How far do they need to travel to get to you.

Often, a good tidy appearance says a lot about an instructors and how they carry out their services. This applies both to them and the tuition car. Avoid making just the cost of tuition the deciding factor.